Program Staff

Philip D. Sloane, MD, MPH (Director)

Elizabeth and Oscar Goodwin Distinguished Professor of Family Medicine
Co-Director of the Program on Aging, Disability, and Long-Term Care – Cecil G. Sheps Center for Health Services Research

Dan Kaufer, MD (Director)

Professor Neurology, UNC-CH
Director, UNC Memory Disorders Clinic

Johanna Silbersack, MSW

Project Coordinator
UNC Sheps Center for Health Services Research

Refer a Patient

The UNC Memory Disorders Clinic is dedicated to providing comprehensive care for Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders, emphasizing quality of life, personhood, and family/caregiver support. We encourage seeking a memory evaluation at the earliest signs of a problem in order to:

  1. identify possible contributing factors and potential reversible causes,
  2. determine appropriate lifestyle modifications and possible medical interventions, and
  3. invite participation in research studies that will improve our ability to diagnose, treat, and care for individuals with dementia.

To make a referral to the UNC Memory Disorders Clinic please fax the following form to:
Attn: D. Kaufer
UNC Memory Disorders Clinic
Fax: 919-966-6501

Referral form: